FLAMP3r (FLAC to MP3 simpler)

FLAMP3r (FLAC to MP3 simpler)

FLAC or MP3?

In theory, FLAC is a superior audio file format. But difference can be really heard only on high end audio equipment and by trained audiophile ears. In most cases, difference is negligible. In blind test, it's hard to objectively distinguish properly encoded MP3 file from properly encoded FLAC file. Much more important are recording, mixing, producing and proper encoding of music than audio file format.

But marketing rule today's world so loseless and high definition audio formats are pushed to consumers even if they don't bring significant improvements (other than making money for companies). True, FLAC is better in absolute technical perspective, but FLAC is not perfect audio format and MP3 can be better solution in real life.

1. FLAC files are great, but they are huge.
Even on today's devices, FLAC collections can take large amount of available space.

2. FLAC files are great, but they have compatibility issues. Many devices have issues with FLAC files - stutter, gaps, various buffering issues, slow load times and, in worst case, some devices are not able to play them at all.

3. FLAC to MP3 converters are usually not free or are too complicated to use.
Free and simple solution - FLAMP3r!

1. MP3 files are up to six time smaller than FLAC files. Enough said, moving on.

2. MP3 files are compatible with all types of devices. MP3 format is with us for many years and can be reproduced without any problems on any old or new device. It doesn't matter if device is cheap or expensive - MP3 play flawlessly.

3. FLAMP3r is free and simple. FLAMP3r has no limits regarding free use, no adware components, it doesn't annoy you by trying to sell itself or something else. It's created to be simple and can be easily used even with larger file collections. It can also convert other audio file types to MP3 (ogg, m4a, ape, wma, aiff, wav ...).
How to convert files with FLAMP3r

1. Select source folder with files you want to convert.

2. Select destination folder where you want converted files to be saved.
(FLAMP3r will offer destination folder by using source folder path with sufix "- Converted". You can accept it or change it.).

3. Change conversion settings, if you need to. You can use default settings for most situations, but still check them out. Hoover your mouse over each setting for detailed description.

4. Press Convert button.
That's it.
Techical details

FLAMP3r is using all logical CPU cores available while converting files. Files are converted in parallel using multithreading. Conversion time is dependent on CPU speed and CPU logical core count.

FLAMP3r invokes executable binary file ffmpeg.exe from FFmpeg project to convert audio files. FFmpeg project source code, owners and license for ffmpeg.exe file are available at

FLAMP3r (FLAC to MP3 simpler) is a freeware.

FLAMP3r is free for private and commercial use, but modifications, re-distribution, reverse-engineering and any other usage declared prohibited in End User License Agreement, are prohibited without the explicit author's permission.

FLAMP3r is provided "as is", without any kind of warranty. You use it at your own risk.

End User License Agreement (EULA) for FLAMP3r is available on this site (
eula.txt), during installation of FLAMP3r and from help menu after installation. Please read it before using FLAMP3r software.

Executable binary file ffmpeg.exe from FFmpeg project is free and open-source software licensed under it's own license available at

FLAMP3r icon is based upon icon created by Bogdan Rosu (Bogdan Rosu Creative) whose website address is

Please feel free to contact author by e-mail about FLAMP3r errors or suggestions for future features of FLAMP3r. E-mail for contact:


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